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[links] Link salad, I didn’t have time to watch the debate edition

A reader reacts to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ] — Several minireviews here.

Next year’s Alembical is open to novella submissions — You know you want to do it.

Hacking satellite navigation — Hmm.
Dead German poet gets TV demands — Oh, to be remembered so. (Thanks to danjite.)

Hacking satellite navigation — Hmm.

Ceremonial deism — Some recently complained in comments that I was calling for a religious test for office when I stated that evolution denial should be a prima facie disqualification for holding office, on grounds of intellectual fitness. My response was to point out that there is a religious test for office in this country, in that you have to profess one in order to be electable in the first place. I believe there is a grand total of one avowed atheist in Congress. Deism ain’t so ceremonial in our nominally secular culture.

Diagramming Sarah — Palin’s sentences, diagrammed. Hahahaha. Oh, wait, we dont’ want a president who’s smarter than any of us voters. That would be elitist. And look how well it worked out with Bush! (Thanks to tetar.)

More Palin Bashing — I don’t buy this, not at all. You simply cannot judge someone’s intelligence by their accent. Besides which, Palin very clearly is not stupid. Quite the opposite. She is intellectually incurious in the mold of Bush 43. She is willfully ignorant concerning matters which don’t align with her narrow worldview. She is self-consciously anti-intellectual. She is many bad things, some of them bearing quite serious consequences for the country should she succeed McCain in his inevitable decline. But don’t confuse any of that with stupidity.

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