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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 20

Today’s wordage: 4,300
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 77,000
Total writing time: 45 hours, 45 minutes


“Show me how to control it,” Paolina said. She hated the desperation in her voice.

“I cannot.” Hethor seemed sad. “Would that I could. William of Ghent might have been able to, but he is lost to us now.” He paused. “I slew him. Twice.”

“You do not seem a killer.”

“You do not seem a destroyer of cities. Neither of us travels on a chariot of skulls or wields a flaming sword. Those are symbols of another age. We are of the age of steam and iron, progress stamped out in metal and sold by the pence in the marketplace. We are of the time when man’s ability to remake the world around him has risen to intersect with God’s original craftsmanship. Hence your stemwinder.”

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