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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 23

[ed note: Drafted but failed to post this yesterday. This is progress from 10/6.]

Today’s wordage: 4,100
Today’s writing time: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Total wordage: 87,800
Total writing time: 52 hours


West was where the sun went as he fled the precincts of the heavens. West was where the boundless ocean rose up to the meet the shore. West was the home of the leviathans of the deep, birthing-source of the savages of the air.

Gashansunu’s people knew better, of course. The sun fled nowhere, for it was the Southern Earth that turned its face away. Likewise the ocean was just as bounded as the land, its borders reversed as a tunic pulled inside out. As for the leviathans, they lived in all the waters of the world.

But just because a thing was true in the outer world did not change other truths of the Silent World. And it was the Silent World which prospered on a diet of symbols and a dialect of journeying shadows. In the Silent World, the sun did flee, to die and be reborn each day. The ocean was boundless, boundless as the waters of the amnion which cradled each new baby on its journey from the infinite possibility of the egg to the fatal limitations of the human.

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