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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 24

Today’s wordage: 3,000
Today’s writing time: 2 hours, 0 minutes
Total wordage: 90,800
Total writing time: 54 hours


“Then suggest to Captain Huang that we have an urgent mission which is not of direct military interest to his commanders. If we are able to pursue it unmolested over the next few days, I will work closely with you to enable your return to England without legal jeopardy.”

That was a lie of course, and both men knew it, but Sayeed’s divided loyalties were on the point of the knife right now. Kitchens did not imagine that either of the great secret societies - the Silent Order or the avebianco - sought the disruption that widespread conflict would engender. Fighting at the edges, continued instability, the constant bickering of nation-states: those were the stuff of leverage, expansion and opportunity. If cities were to start burning, no one’s interests would be served.

Sayeed was barking out flag codes again from his secret book. Kitchens would have given much to see the contents of the volume. What one chose to encode was far more significant than how one chose to encode it. A look at the standard signals would speak a great deal about the tactics of the Silent Order.

After a few moments, the Chinese airships broke off and headed east, toward the African interior.

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