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[links] Link salad for a hump day

New author Hannu Rajaniemi sells three books on the basis of 24 pages

The ambition of the short story — A nice little piece in the New York Times on the value of short fiction.

My Science is Frictioned

10 Creepiest Old Ads — Wow… (Thanks to lillypond.)

One Quarter of World’s Mammals Face Extinction — (Thanks to lt260.)

Rock Offers Mirror-Image Clues to Life’s Origins — Some big, cool science here. (Thanks to lt260.)

Cindy McCain: “Sen. Barack Obama has ‘waged the dirtiest campaign in American history’” — You really ought to see a mental health professional about that raging case of projection, Mrs. McCain. Or get off the prescription drug addiction. Again.

Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Last night’s weigh-out: n/a
This morning’s weigh-in: 231.0
Currently reading: n/a

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