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[links] Link salad for a Thursday

kaiberie with the 10,000 hour theory of expertise

Government suggests those over 75 do not need colonoscopies — Hmm. (Thanks to lt260.)

Nanotech comes alive — Viruses and bacteria act as factories for nanostructures. Cool stuff. (Thanks to lt260.)

lonfiction with a link to America’s lost monarchy — With bonus Howard Waldrop!

Subprime SuspectsThe right blames the credit crisis on poor minority homeowners. This is not merely offensive, but entirely wrong. Darned liberals with their “fair housing” socialism, helping brown people take Wall Street’s money. Palin all the way!

Factcheck: McCain on Taliban — Juan Cole on McCain and the Taliban. As usual, Mr. Straight Talk gets it wrong, and distorts his own record. Remember, kids, character counts! (At least so long as you’re criticizing liberals.)

McCain and the politics of rageThe Edge of the American West asks questions about the GOP’s win at any cost tactics. My favorite bit, though somewhat lateral to the main point of the post: “If working-class white people were to stop voting against their class interests, this would fast become a one-party nation.”

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