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[personal] “Let me tell you a story, Big chief with a golden crown”

Quite a day here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. The death of the cat really put a twist in everyone’s day in some deep ways. Spent some time on the obvious questions, and a few of the not so obvious ones. When she asked if Dao Ming had been in pain when he died, I had to say, “almost certainly,” and explain about blunt force trauma. (The cat made it out of the road into a neighbor’s driveway, so he wasn’t killed instantly on impact.)

We also cleaned house some, played Clue repeatedly, played Robo Rally repeatedly, read two chapters from her middle reader, shared lunch and dinner, and basically had a daughter-dad day. It’s so rare that we get a whole, quiet day together. And since I’m off to Omaha tomorrow, and next weekend is hella busy, it was nice to do this while we could. I’d managed to get my two hours in on Tourbillon before she got rolling, so it’s all good.

I’m continuing to twitch slightly over not diving deeper into the flow of the novel, but this discipline seems to be good for both the writing and for my life balance.

In the mean time, expect continued light blogging with intermittent hypergraphia as I enter another of my periodic Omaha phases.

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