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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 30

Today’s wordage: 5,300
Today’s writing time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Total wordage: 114,200
Total writing time: 66 hours, 30 minutes


“When I use the gleam, I see the world as made of, well, levels. Gear trains which are themselves made of up myriad smaller gear trains. It shows me the inner nature of things.”

“You witness an imperfect image of the Silent World,” Gashansunu replied. “There are layers. As above, so below, all the way down.”

“What lies at the bottom?”

“One can measure a circle beginning from anywhere. What lies at the end?”

“So… there is no bottom?”

Gashansunu made a strained noise. “If you were to pursue it deeply enough, you would come back out the top. But not all levels are the same. The Silent World is the true world. We live in the Shadow World, which is a reflection of the Silent World. Or better considered as a projection of it. That which is perfected in the Silent World can been seen here in imperfect copies of the world, of people, of purposes and intents.”

Paolina had to ask the obvious question. “If the Silent World is perfected, why do you abide here?”

“Because I am imperfect.”

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