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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2008-10-13 14:24
Subject: [writing] MyOwnWriMo
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Tags:books, process, tourbillion, writing

Today was day 30 of Tourbillon. I’ve hit 114,200 words. Which is, functionally, my own personal NaNoWriMo, I suppose.

Though I’ve never been a part of it, I always thought NaNoWriMo was a great idea. If you’re not working to contract or deadline, it provides an excellent framework in lieu of that business pressure. Peer support, press coverage, tracking bells and whistles, retreats. I think it’s terrific.

Maybe some year I’ll be starting a novel draft around November 1, and will play for real. In the mean time, if you’re thinking about NaNo, go do it! (Feel free to hand me my ass in 30-day wordcount, too — I’m here to tell you it’s possible, even with a full-time job and a child.)

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selfavowedgeek: Toshiro Mifune as Yojimbo
User: selfavowedgeek
Date: 2008-10-13 22:34 (UTC)
Subject: My Fascination with Tourbillion Posts Doesn't End!
Keyword:Toshiro Mifune as Yojimbo
That's an awesome word count!

NaNoWriMo is a good idea for the reasons you cite. I haven't participated yet, though.

However, I draw comfort from the writers here 'bouts who, like you, have the day jobbe, the fambly, and the writin' jones.

In three and a half years, I've written two novels and just over a hundred pages of another, handfuls of poems, and pushing thirty short stories. And for me, the busier life in general gets, the better I find I manage my writing time. I've trained myself to write sequested here in the study or kicked back in the recliner or outside on the porch. That way, when the Excuse Monster (tm) hits, I don't have as much fodder and can suck it up and, well, put my arse in the chair and write.
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Jay Lake
User: jaylake
Date: 2008-10-14 00:01 (UTC)
Subject: Re: My Fascination with Tourbillion Posts Doesn't End!
Got to rock the keyboard. All else is dross.
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jeffsoesbe: yeff yahoo avatar
User: jeffsoesbe
Date: 2008-10-14 05:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:yeff yahoo avatar
Dude, given NaNoWriMo's 50K word goal compared to your word production, for you it's more like NaNoWriFortnight :-)

But the lesson is there - make the time and write.

Maybe I'll do a NaShoWriMo (for short stories) or a NaRevWriMo (get those revisions out)...

- yeff
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