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[links] Link salad for an Omaha Tuesday

A cogent explanation for Global Warming — At last! (Thanks to lillypond, a/k/a my sister.)

Finding Terrestrial Worlds in the DustCentauri Dreams with more on exoplanets, a specific fascination of mine.

Cassini in the dustThe international Cassini space probe flew within 16 miles of the surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus yesterday — a breathtakingly close flyby designed to gather dust and water particles that will help scientists better understand the recently discovered geysers that spew constantly from the moon’s south pole. (Thanks to lt260.)

Death by MeteoriteBad Astronomy Blog on death from above and the magic of low probability statistics. Kind of funny, also of definite scientific interest.

When Cancer is Just the Beginning — Immune responses to cancer, and using them as potential treatments.

Study: Many cancer patients forgoing care because of costAmong patients with incomes under $40,000, one in four in advanced stages of the disease refused treatment. Our market-based healthcare system sure produces a win-win for everyone, doesn’t it? (Thanks to mikigarrison.)

Freakonomics on the effects of money in political campaigns — Not quite what you might think.

John McCain on the upcoming election — “Three weeks from now, you will choose a new President. Choose well. There is much at stake.” I could not make a more cogent statement about voting for Obama. Thank you, Senator McCain.

“I am all right, and you cannot escape listening to my speech either.”The Edge of the American West on Teddy Roosevelt and assassination attempts. An amazing piece of history, and a sobering reminder of the kind of fires the McCain campaign has been igniting.

tongodeon on The Death of the Republican Intellectual — While I’ll be joyful if the GOP manages to utterly crash and burn over the events of this election cycle, he is right. A one-party state benefits no one. Not that our two-parties-with-one-degree-of-separation (the property party right wing and the property party center wing) has exactly done gangbusters for America.

ron_drummond on Denying the Right to Deny a Right — Same-sex marriage and the Ninth Amendment. (Thanks to farmgirl1146.)

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