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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 32

Today’s wordage: 3,900
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 122,600
Total writing time: 70 hours, 30 minutes


“Embassies rarely are subtle, my friend.” She clutched his hand within the warmth of both of hers. “Ambassadors themselves almost always are.”

He laughed. “In any case, your plan is better than al-Wazir’s notion of building us a superstructure and pretending to be a wedding barge. Five Lucky Winds would be embarassed, and Mat-Su would turn her face away from us.”


Leung sounded embarassed himself now, though his mirth had not fled. “She is the patroness of sailors, and escorts the souls of drowning men to the judges of dead, to excuse them from their testimony as their voices have been stolen by the sea.”

A half-remembered snatch of poetry occurred to Childress. “All men sailors shall be, until the waters come to set them free.”

“Your Brass Christ was a fisherman from long ago,” Leung reminded her. “My god sits now on a throne in the Forbidden City, and his will moves nations to war even this very day.

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