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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 34

Today’s wordage: 5,900
Today’s writing time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Total wordage: 132,300
Total writing time: 75 hours


She was unsure of the distances between here and Taiwan - mapping the waters of Asia had never been a fascination of hers, and even if it had, she could not recall ever having seen a chart of this part of the world. Paolina knew she’d be hard enough pressed to draw a map of Europe.

Still, it seemed like he must go very far indeed.

Paolina met Ming back at the boat, where he was comparing the worth of several makeshift tools. “How will you manage the journey? It must be many days of sailing from here.”

“A year of rowing, I would guess,” he said. “But all I must do is make my way back north to Sumatra. I can find someone to take me to Singapore. From there I will sign onto a boat heading north, some little coaster or freighter. A competent man with a quiet mouth rarely lacks for work at sea.”

“And on to Oluanpi?”

“Somewhere in Taiwan,” he said. “I cannot go to Tainan, too many would know me there. Surely we are all long since made outlaw. Admiral Shen himself might forgive, if he knew all the truth, but the Beiyang Navy cannot afford to, and the Dragon Throne would never imagine doing so. My honor has been sold away, so I must live as I can.”

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