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[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 36

Today’s wordage: 3,800
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 140,100
Total writing time: 79 hours


The man’s eyes crinkled. “Do not think that because I wear soiled robes and dwell on the narrow margin between a sand desert and a salt sea that I have the wits of a camel spider.” Humor tinged his voice despite his words. “Some things are best unspoken in a land where the masters have many ears and the short tempers of any white-skinned beefsteak sweating under a bright sun. And so you ask if I have seen a sinking boat, and I tell you of my own misfortunes - a man of wit and discernment would read in that sorry tale the absence of the information he himself might be seeking.”

“Speaking with you is like braiding the tails of three cats.”

The Arab bowed. “Your words are a balm upon the memory of my fathers and mothers, and most especially the Imam who had my schooling in my younger days, when I could be torn away from the date palms and the doe-eyed young women languishing beneath them.”

Wang was uncertain as to the virtue of doe-eyed women compared to other women, but then his thoughts in the matter had never been of interest to anyone female, not so far in his life. He had hoped to attain a high enough position, ith sufficient monies from his work, to attract a young woman from the country to come live at his side in preference to a life in the paddies and sugar cane fields. Even that was dashed now.

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