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[links] Link salad for another work week

A reader reacts to Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Audible ]

Typhoons bury vast amounts of carbon dioxide at sea — Xtreme Sequestration? (Thanks to lt260.)

APOD with an awesome image of Saturn

The past participle of “stride” — And more than you wanted to know about modals unless, like me, you’re an aspiring language geek. In which case, this post from Language Log rocks the house.

In case you missed this being splashed all over LJland this weekend: The presidential campaign as D&D — Snerk. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

In a Thousand Years by Hans Christian Andersen (1852) — “Yes, in a thousand years people will fly on the wings of steam through the air, over the ocean! The young inhabitants of America will become visitors of old Europe. They will come over to see the monuments and the great cities, which will then be in ruins, just as we in our time make pilgrimages to the tottering splendors of Southern Asia. In a thousand years they will come!” (Spotted in Fortean Times issue 241.)

Unholy row threatens Holy Sepulchre — “Disputes are not uncommon, particularly over who has the authority to carry out repairs. For example, a wooden ladder has remained on a ledge just above the main entrance since the 19th Century - because no-one can agree who has the right to take it down.” Um, yeah. And this faith-based thinking is what the GOP thinks we need in office in this country. (Thanks to danjite.)

tongodeon takes another crack at the falseness of opposition gay marriage — Not to mention the general issue of mixing the secular and the sacred. Well put, without vitriol.

Radio host Bob Grant asserted that Obama created an ” ‘O’ flag,” but the flag in question was Ohio’s — Yep, I am glad to see that rational thought continues to prevail among my friends on the right. (Thanks to shsilver.)

Juan Cole with a thoughtful analysis of the Powell endorsement — I almost certainly got this one wrong on my first take yesterday. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen a prominent conservative place principle over partisanship that I simply didn’t believe Powell. (Oddly, the last Republican I had any faith in was John McCain, rev. 2000.) Plus bonus conservative weirdness by way of response.

The real plumbers of Ohio — Paul Krugman on taxes, plumbers and candidate statements.

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