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SF Signal’s “Mind Meld” asks about the future of written SF — I answer, among many others.

Mixed cardboard only: a subtle case of nerdviewLanguage Log on how things get lost in translation from specialist vocabularies to general application. Makes me realize I have perpetrated examples of this in both my professional lives.

India launches first Moon mission — It can’t hurt to get more countries into space. Ballistic missiles and faith-based idiocy we already have. Maybe some more outward-facing thought will help. (Thanks to lt260.)

Selectively Deleting MemoriesResearch in mice suggests that it might be possible to delete specific painful memories. That really makes me go hmm. Some of my most important memories are the most painful.

A molecule with a momentous effect — microRNA and Peter Pan worms. Cool, weird science here. (Thanks to lt260.)

Tensions on the ticket? The Grauniad with an interesting roundup of US election news. My favorite: Never mind 2008: get ready for Palin 2012! “Sarah’s the one,” said one leading conservative who is convinced Mr McCain will lose this election. “The party is broken and only she can fix it.”

POLL-Obama takes 10-point lead on McCain — That might even be enough to keep him ahead of both the Bradley Effect and McCain’s continuing slime campaign.

Indiana judge allows early voting to go on — Keep trying, guys. I’d say it’s funny, but it’s not. In addition to usual, decades-long GOP tactic of wholesale voter suppression (that’s not vitriol, it’s perfectly well documented), they’re now desperate to undermine the legitimacy of the upcoming election. So far, the only actual voter fraud which has been found has been on the part of the GOP. Sooner or later they’ll find one example, somewhere, and Your Liberal Media will gleefully bolster the conservative narrative once again.

McCain Is No Straight-Talker on Foreign Affairs The Wall Street Journal (of all newspapers!) actually looks at the reality of McCain’s rhetoric. Mmmm, I loves me some principled consistency. And for a change, Your Conservative Media is sustaining the reality-based narrative, though I’m sure they’ll get over it very quickly.

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