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[process] The write time of day

An interesting (to me) observation from my experiences working on Tourbillon. Some days I write in the afternoon and evening, schedule permitting. Some days I write very early, as I did today — got up at three, exercised, showered, and was at the keyboard from 4:00 to 5:30.

When I write early, the throughput is a lot slower than when I write late. The typos are more prevalent. But the story doesn’t seem to suffer. In fact, it may have improved slightly.

I believe I shall attempt an experiment some time in November, once this book is drafted. I’m going to try writing a short story (or more likely a novella, I owe a few of those around) by only writing very early. I want to see how different it might be when I am closer to the dreaming time and not so filled with the work of my day.

Do you write on a regular schedule? Or does it shift around for you? How does that affect your output? What is your write time of the day?

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