Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 50

Today’s wordage: 4,100
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 196,400
Total writing time: 107 hours, 30 minutes

Editorial note: I am very close to the end, but I strongly doubt I will write more today. This draft should likely be wrapped by Tuesday, somewhere just shy of or right at 200,000 words. Which, oddly, was my original prediction.


The blinded maid on the floor drummed her heels and howled like a kennel bitch at the death of her master.

Wang stood up from behind the end of the tank. “There are tubes here for oil, blood, spiritual aether and pulmonic fluid. Also electrical mains. If you wish this work to be done beyond recovery, we should cut these off.”

“I have slain her,” Kitchens said, his voice a bright, brittle thing.

Paolina stepped forward and stared into the tank. She seemed graver, more settled somehow, here at the death of everything.

“I should go to Boaz.” Her tone was distant, marked contrast to Kitchens’.

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