Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[politics] One more brief outburst

slithytove talks about how his guy lost. An intelligent, melancholy reflection, wherein he speaks of the dangers complete Democratic control. In his comments section, I said the following, which I think bears repeating:

Without a supermajority in the Senate, the Democrats are not in complete control of the legislative branch. And I seriously doubt you’ll see Reid and Pelosi using the kind of tactics the Permanent Majority employed against the minority — they certainly haven’t the last two years.

Centrists and progressives are far more inclusive than conservatives, pretty much by definition. Which is my way of saying that a Democratic-dominated government is much friendlier to conservatives than a Republican-dominated government is to liberal-progressives. The political history of this country since at least 1968 would seem to bear me out on that.

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