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[conventions] WordStock

It was WordStock weekend here. Friday night, karindira and I went to the opening reception at the Weiden+Kennedy digs in the Pearl District. Very impressive. Spent some time hanging with davidlevine and kateyule there, as well as meeting various authors including Lynda Barry (who told me my hair smelled nice).

Saturday I skipped the festival to have a Dad day with the_child and a friend of hers. That was fun but tiring, and I got some book proposals written while they were watching X-Men cartoon videos.

Today I had my reading. That was preceded by a long chat with Stewart O’Nan and Lynda Barry about children, hormones and Pittsburgh, again joined by davidlevine and kateyule. After the reading I had a day rattling around WordStock, then taught a course section on SF for non-SF people. That was followed by a birthday party for my (step)mom. All of which was big fun, except I started really wiping out from fatigue during the afternoon, and now can barely keep my eyes open. I think I’m coming down with something, so I am off to sleep Real Soon Now.

Another week looms, more writing related program activities.

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