Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[tech] Mac down

Well, my trusty MacBook is in the Apple store to have its keyboard and faceplate replaced (again!).  Several keys are now blank-faced divots and the /d/ is starting to stick, while the faceplate is splintering.  Just like last time.  They seem to last about nine to twelve months.

That’s what happens when you type a million words a year on a keyboard, I’m thinking.  So I’m on the emergency backup computer which, shall we say, is not a communicant of the Cult of Macintosh.

Grr.  At least it lasted through the drafting of Tourbillon.  And budget permitting, I’ll probably replace the entire computer before I am forced to replace the keyboard again.  Though the space opera project may kill this new keyboard first.

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