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[travel] Omaha

Back in Omaha, where it is cold. It will be a lot colder when I go walking around 4 am, but I’ve brought the right clothes for that adventure. I’m back in my half-suite, which seems to have been my usual digs in the hotel this fall. It’s a nice space. The Hertz random upgrade program hath delivered unto me an almost brand new Camry which is pretty tricked out. It’s a nice car.

On the flight out today I did some extensive critique for the Orycon workshop this weekend. Those poor writers have no idea what they’re getting, but it will be good for them. Also put another hour into the synopsis of Sunspin, and find myself seriously contemplating a Wiki for worldbuilding purposes. Process is a bitch, especially when one is on a mission to retune it on the fly.

Had dinner this evening with garyomaha and elusivem. Nice chatter, including some discussion of my writing process, and what Sunspin was likely to do to my head. Took care of some emails and some personal business, and I am shortly to bed. Morning comes early hereabouts, and then I have to drive across the cornfields to the office.

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