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[personal] Baby, it’s cold outside

Important safety tip: If the only thing keeping your breath from freezing on your mustache is the warm snot running down from your nose, perhaps you should be working out at the gym instead of walking for distance. I think this is the first time I’ve walked here in Omaha for quite a while where I didn’t see any wildlife. Probably because they were all smart enough to stay in their burrows, keeping warm.

In other news, I apparently have two sets of galleys to turn back to Tor, Very Quickly. (The mmpb of Escapement and the thb of Green.) Unfortunately, I am not home to receive the galleys or do anything with them, and won’t be able to remedy this situation until next Monday, thanks to the confluence of a trip to Omaha and the magic that is Orycon. This will make next week very entertaining, I strongly suspect.

All of which in turn encourages me to get the first draft of the synopsis of Sunspin nailed down this week if possible. Already it’s longer than any synopsis I’ve ever done, and I haven’t even gotten to plot or character yet. This is going to be a real adventure. There’s a couple of possible projects which may shift Sunspin back in my schedule, but I have some months to figure that out.

Off to the office in a bit. Y’all play nice while I’m saving the world for SMS. (Or possibly from SMS.)

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