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A little this, a little that.

The aforementioned galleys will be waiting for me when I get back to Portland. One set for the Escapement mmpb, one set for the Green thb. Tor has been very kind about the deadlines, since I won’t have the galleys in hand according to the original schedule. (I wander about the country too much, apparently.)

In other news, another Sekrit Projekt has landed on my desk just now, which oddly intertwines with Sunspin by utter, fortuitous chance. Watch this space for more details, but not, erm, right away.

Between the above matters, I’m going to be a very busy boy into early December. Then I’m off to San Francisco with kenscholes to wreak mayhem at Writers With Drinks (along with Cat Rambo and a cast of several), as well as at Borderlands Book.

Put in more time on Sunspin tonight, as well. For the heck of it, here’s a bit of WIP from the synopsis. (And yes, I’m apparently getting very meta.) This is a synopsis, so don’t read this as even draft of finished text.

Threadneedle drives provided near-instantaneous transit between arbitrary points which had been sufficiently well surveyed to enable accurate astrogation. In the initial years of the Polity expansion, this surveying was done by robot probes moving at relativistic speeds between star systems or, occasionally, other points of interest. By about 2300 PreM, interferometers in the 200-lightminute class enabled sufficiently accurate surveying within distances of several hundred lightyears from their base stations that the need for robot probes was sharply reduced.

At that point, the limiting factors on Polity expansion were the surveying process itself, which could be scaled with sufficient investment, and the cyclical accumulation of social and economic capital necessary to drive colonization.

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