Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[child] More wit and wisdom of the Child

Various tidbits from the_child of late.

On hearing Christmas music as we left Thanksgiving lunch with my parents at the Chart House: “Why aren’t we hearing Thanksgiving music? You, know, ‘Here’s the turkey, I just shot it…’”

On watching the movie Corpse Bride: “Yes! At last, a girl gets to save the day!”

“Why did you raise me without tv or videogames?” That led to a whole conversation about my theory of Producers and Consumers, after which she pointed out that her thumbs weren’t as fast on the controller as other kids’.

“If I could shapeshift, I’d turn into kenscholes. Well, no, that might be too much.”

“You don’t have all your book covers on your iPhone? That’s bad business for a writer.”

Also, when I was signing the limiteds of Cucurbital, she sat down with me, and without a word, began facing the books for me. Clearly she has been well-trained.

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