Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] Sekrit Projekt WIP

Not the best day in the history of Nuevo Rancho Lake, but still, I write. Because I am a writer.

WIP from the current Sekrit Projekt:

The clip is short. They walk together toward a set of doors. Siddiq is laughing, her hair flowing in the lost light of an ancient day. Cannon turns toward the camera, smiling in a way which Polyphemus has never seen in the archives of recent centuries. Her eyes already glitter with the sheen of a Before’s metabolism, but she is caught up in the moment.

Still, for then, mostly human.

Her smile broadens, Cannon begins to speak, then the image flares and dies, trailing off into the debris of a damaged file.

The starship wonders if either woman remembers that time. She wonders even more if either woman cares.

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Tags: personal, wip, writing

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