Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[help] Three frozen peacock eggs

If anyone in greater Portlandia wants three peacock eggs which have been sitting in my freezer for a very long time, they are free for the taking. [ETA: They have been claimed.] Two feel so light as to be empty, a third has something rattling around inside it. (Ie, a frozen peacock fetus — the_child is cracking a fourth egg to investigate.)

I figure these are unusual enough to offer to a crafter rather than simply throw away.

Let me know in comments or via email if you are interested. (I’m also willing to mail them, but for very obvious reasons, can offer no guarantee at all concerning deliverability.)

ETA: the_child reports “there was no male involved, just egg bits”. We have photographed the results, which I will post later.

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Tags: help, portland, weird

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