Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] Sekrit Projekt update

5,300 words on the Sekrit Projekt today. I plan to finish it at about 10,000 words tomorrow, assuming a quiet day for a change.

It’s nice to be writing short fiction again, as opposed to the various articles, outlines and whatnot I’ve been working on of late.

Meanwhile, since I pulled a double Lake, here’s another WIP:

The Ekumen priest reached out to touch her cheek. “You have frost on your skin.”

“Virtually the entire universe is very, very cold, Father.”

Father Goulo rubbed his fingertips together, frost flaking away in a tiny stream of bright crystals. “Some might find it distressing that you wander hard vacuum without a pressure suit.”

“Some might suck on my icy ass,” she replied. This conversation was growing tiresome.

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