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[writing] Sunspin synopsis progresses

Well, the Sunspin synopsis now stands at 8,800 words. And I’m almost ready to think about plot and character! Seriously…this is all backstory, worldbuilding, and what will be my world bible later. Context, context, context.

And as some of you clever lot have noticed, the most recent Sekrit Projekt is in continuity with Sunspin, although about six centuries into the past of the trilogy’s narrative present. As a result, part of today’s work was aligning the relevant bits and pieces of character, history and setting with the existing material in the synopsis.

By gummies, this is fun. Once the Sekrit Projekt is a little less sekrit, I’ll discuss this more. I am now considering writing several other backstory pieces simply because this one has been so damned productive for me. Not to mention which first readers report it’s a pretty neat story.

For now, you may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

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