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[personal] Miscellaneous Updatery

A few bits of this and that, to catch up.

The Sekrit Projekt is off to the editor. We'll see if it flies. I like it, whether or not they do.

Escapement mmpb galleys have gone back to Tor. Now I have to deal with Green galleys, then right after that, Madness of Flowers galleys. It never rains but it freaking pours.

Real Soon Now I need to write a steampunk astronaut novella in the Mainspring setting, featuring the protagonist of "Chain of Fools" a bit later in her life.

Walking this morning, I had Sunspin on the brain, and was noodling titles for the three volumes in the cycle. Currently under consideration are:

  • Stone Sky

  • Electric Mist

  • Sea of Suns

or possibly:

  • Sky of Stone

  • Sea of Light

  • World of Stars

These will doubtless change over time, but that's where my head's at, with deliberate nods to Poul Anderson, Gregory Benford and James Lee Burke.

Day Jobbery today, plus my more-or-less-weekly lunch with kenscholes, and getting my hair done this afternoon. Because a boy has needs, you know.

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