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[links] Link salad for a weekend day

jimhines is smart about the author's response to the publishing meltdown

More on the Piri Reis map, from Juan Cole — Debunks the Antarctic theory (again), while offering an even more fascinating historical thesis that I've never run across before. A must-read for you alternate history types.

Ghost Rides: Abandoned Parks in South Korea — As lt260 says, it's enough to make Yokohama Sid proud. (Thanks to lt260.)

Steampunk Mechanical Elephant — Well, metalpunk, at any rate. If I were wealthy, I'd buy this, or commission a similar one. (Thanks to lt260.)

The (WU)ltimate 33-Part Guide to Abandoned Places — As longtime readers of this blog know, I can name a few such places, such as a Titan missile silo near Moses Lake, WA; as well as the power plant at White River Falls [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ].

Lost city of 'cloud people' found in Peru — Some cool archaeology. (Thanks to danjite.)

First Light-Driven NanomachineA silicon nanobeam uses optical force to do mechanical work in an integrated circuit. So, how cool is this?

UK plans lunar phone network

A Star-like Model for Brown Dwarf Formation — Brown dwarfs are part of a critical McGuffin in Sunspin, so I am paying extra attention to this stuff lately.

Putting a Value on a C.E.O. — (Snurched from America Blog with this post.)

?otD: Where's the beef?

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