Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Weekend updatery

Spent my morning yesterday working on Green galley edits, which I should finish today. calendula_witch is reading through them in parallel, which is incredibly helpful, and quite generous of her.

Then hied off with bravado111 to buy cheese for the jens_fire birthday party. Did that thing, along with some post-party karaoke at the Alibi, wherein I sang "Istanbul" with bhagwanx while not under the influence of alcohol. (Me, I mean, I can't speak for his state of drunken-ness.) I also have a video clip of him and kenscholes singing "Leather and Lace". Important safety tip: that's a duet which you should flee to another area code in order to avoid experiencing. This will be an instant YouTube classic when I get around to posting it.

Spending the day in, wrapping Green and generally getting caught up.

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