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Jay Lake

[travel] Tapioca Jesus hits the road

As kenscholes reminds us, he and I are hitting the road this afternoon for San Francisco. Lots of stuff planned (and unplanned) for the car trip, but we do intend to record some podcasts. As he says:
So what would YOU like to hear from us? Any burning topics you'd like Jay and I to discuss with the sound of the highway in our ears? Any questions you think might be fun for both of us to tackle? Road trip tunes that you think will enhance our highway experience? Great places to stop for soup and pie just to the left or right of I-5?

Leave your requests, comments and recommendations here or on Ken's blog, and we'll see what the p-j's can come up with this afternoon and tomorrow.

NB: Ken and I figured out years ago that if we ever formed a musical act or comedy troupe, we'd call ourselves "Tapioca Jesus." No, you don't want to know why.

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