Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[photos] Walking after midnight

Went walking a bit after 4 am here in San Francisco. Took myself up Twin Peaks and back down the other side. Them's as some hill work.

While up on the top, a very thin layer of cloud veiled the sky just a few hundred feet above me. The moonlight punched through it just fine, but the big television tower up there was bisected. As a result, the top of the tower was casting moonlight shadows down into the sky. Very weird, even vertiginous. I tried a shot with the iPhone, which shows a bit of what I saw:

TV tower on Twin Peaks in SF casting shadows in the sky

Eerie beauty in the dark of the morning. The view up there is hella good in pretty much all directions, but that was an especially odd and intriguing sight.

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