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[travel|personal] More San Francisco

Yesterday was a day with a bit of running around, then zellandyne came by and chilled with me, kenscholes and jens_fire. Ken put on a concert for us. Then it was off for a lovely tapas dinner, followed by writers with drinks, easily the best attended reading I've ever had. In addition to those three dear friends, I saw all kinds of folks there: catrambo (also reading that night), Mr. catrambo, nihilistic_kid, chris_reynaga, dsmoen, dinogrl, dave_gallaher, calendula_witch, witch_husband, Charlie Jane Anders, Annalee Newitz and oodles of other folks. After a rocking round of three short pieces from The River Knows Its Own, I bailed on a late dinner due to sheer worn-outedness and came back to the B&B.

Went out walking this morning. Did 100 minutes, up Twin Peaks again, down the other side, through the upper part of the UCSF campus at Parnassus, then back down to Cole Valley and my B&B. Up at the top of Twin Peaks a band of Hispanic Charismatics were having a pre-dawn service, shouting and writhing to cast out demons in Jesus' name. (I think that's what they were praying for, but my Spanish isn't that good.) Shortly after I passed them by they hopped in their cars and passed me by. So I guess they succeeded in casting me out.

Down in the eucalyptus groves of Parnassus I heard an owl. Dark, with that sharp scent and the cold of a San Francisco winter morning, but she had a lot to say.

I'm in now, getting to work on Madness of Flowers galleys soon until it's time to pop over to Borderlands for Writer in the Window this afternoon.

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