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[photos] When you look down from the jet

I'm not a big fan of taking pictures from the inside of an airplane, this image notwithstanding. But on yesterday's flight from Phoenix to Portland, I saw a couple of amazing things which I attempted to capture with my iPhone's camera.

If you look from the middle of the picture down the direction of a clock hand pointing to 5 o'clock, you'll see a vague dark line. To the naked eye, this was much stronger, crossing the landscape then (apparently) rising into the air. It's the shadow of a contrail, but sometimes they are very striking. elusivem and I saw one once in central Nebraska that was like a blade of darkness slicing through the afternoon sky.

The Grand Canyon in snow, from the air. The pilot actually dipped the port wing briefly, for a much better view, but I wasn't quick enough on the draw. It was very impressive to see.

As usual, more at the Flickr set. Not any better, unfortunately.

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