Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] A bit more on diet and weight

Since I've been discussing my journey through health so much this year, I thought I'd mention that I've come back from a ten-day road trip with a net gain of less than a pound. This includes significant social eating in San Francisco, business meals and more social eating in Omaha, travel stress, work stress and the general derangement of life lately. In truth, I'm amazed. I'll end the year down 65+ pounds from January, and down 10 inches in my waist size.

I suppose it really comes down to portion control and very regular exercise, and a few key long-term deletions from my diet. Specifically: eliminating high fructose corn syrup and red meat, significantly reducing white starches, and significantly increasing fruits and vegetabes.

Next year: I plan to grow taller! Time to eat long foods.

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