Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Stupid people

Man, I hate stupid people. Went to the Child's extreme theater recital (she's taking some summer sessions). Show started late, ran late, I had to get back to the office to work on a hot project. Ran into the Oasis Cafe across the street to get a pizza slice and Coke to go. A woman with two teen-aged kids was in there, picking pizza slices. Cheeses Price, I could have made an entire pizza in the time it took her to buy three slices. She got all hung up on whether the vegetarian pizza on the counter was fresh. She kept asking the counter guy if there was another one coming out. He said no. She asked several more times, in case the answer would change. It didn't. He assured her that pizza had just come out. She made him get the cook. The cook said that the pizza had just come out and there was not another in the oven right now. She continued to insist that she had seen that exact same pizza in the store earlier. The counter guy tried to explain that they, in fact, kept making the same kinds of pizza for the slice traffic, and she might well have seen an extremely similar pizza earlier, but it was not the same pizza. She insisted it was, and began the whole thing all over again. (I will point out that from the state of the cheese, it was obviously a new pizza...didn't have that dull look pizza gets from sitting out for twenty or thirty minutes.)

Meanwhile the girls are dying of embarassment, trying to tell their mom this wasn't the same pizza as earlier. I am dying of time wasting (this took four or five minutes). The poor counter guy is trying very hard to keep his happy face on and dying of an obvious urge to cuss loudly and dope slap his customer.

This stupid woman would not let go. I was on the verge of offering to buy her lunch if she'd just shut the hell up when she finally, with exaggerated exasperation that clearly indicated she felt the counter guy was both a liar and an idiot, selected the same slice she'd been arguing over the whole time.

What the heck is the matter with people? She had no conception of reality -- it was very stupid issue, not a legitimate customer service complaint -- and she wasted a lot of her own time, as well as three other adults and her two kids. I sort of expect this kind of mickey mouse baiting of counter help in famously grumpy-rude cities like New York or Chicago, but out here on the West Coast we're supposed to be a little more mellow.

:: growl ::

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