Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[books] Green's in the mail

Spent a couple of hours this evening packaging up the Green ARC to go out to my mailing list, plus recent winners goulo and klingonguy. Then the_child and I hied off through the freezing fog to the airport post office under the theory that it's less anti-social to go through the line with fifty packages on Saturday night at a commercial mail handling facility than it is on Monday morning at the neighborhood postal station. (I wish more of my fellow postal customers thought this way.)

My attempt at public-spirited behavior was moot, as it happened — one window open, over twenty people in line. We waited half an hour to get to the window, then we tied it up for almost another half an hour what with all the international bits.

The resulting receipt was almost $200, and nearly as long as the_child is tall.


Her reaction? I quote, "Isn't your publisher supposed to put some money into this?"

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