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From "Chain of Stars" ...

She spent some time wondering about the gravity problem. Why didn't the heavens fall to Earth? Or the other way around? The orbit track outmassed the Earth by some fantastic amount. Zarai took a whole day to drop pebbles down a ravine and watch them bounce, then the evening wandering around the fires of her camp fires, a number of them now asking for stories about sky iron, stone thunderbolts and meteorites.

The second most common answer she received was some version of "God has made the world so." The most common answer was a look of mixed pity and bafflement.

Everyone here wants to step off into the sky, but no one wants to ask the big questions. Zarai knew that couldn't be right. They had all asked the big questions, to even be here.

She went to find Eea. The enkidu was standing in the dark, studying a pile of rough-milled timbers by starlight.

"How high can I climb?" Zarai asked.

"Scaffold all the way now," Eea rumbled. "Not safe yet."

"Come with me?"

Even in the starlight, his teeth gleamed as he smiled.

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