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[links] Link salad for a RustyCon Sunday

Fbio Fernandes with some thoughts on writing the other, from a Brazilian perspective — In comments on my recent post about writing the other.

My Willamette Week interview pops up elsewhere on the Intartubes — The site seems to be an aggregator of writer interviews from multiple sources. Of possible interest.

RIk Allen Spacecraft — :: wants :: Badly. (Snurched from Dark Roasted Blend.)

Shorpy with a photo of a leg factory

Shorpy with the Fishbowl — I find this photography unusually evocative, though I can't say exactly why.

APOD with a Martian sunset

APOD again, with a magnficent image of Saturn eclipsed

More linguistic neepery on the early history of Indo-European — From our good friends at Language Log, of course.

A retrospective on the Terry Schiavo mess — Yeah, the American Right really had their heads screwed on straight there.

"The American people will not abide a small, mean-minded, do-anything-to-win campaigner in the White House." — Bush 41 on Carter, though apparently he was verbalizing the template for his son's presidency.

Global warming will be a killer for agriculture, UW scientists say — Some of my conservative friends like to pick on inconsistencies in global warming science and modeling, but that deliberately misses the point that science, when done properly, is process of error correction and improvement. Consensus in the non-ideological community is overwhelming, the trends are horrifying, and even if the entire global warming hypothesis were dead wrong, virtually everything that could be done about it even in error is net beneficial.

As His Inmates Grew Thinner, a Sheriffs Wallet Grew Fatter — Mmm, family values in America's heartland. Something tells me this guy's not a liberal-progressive.

?otD: Who is this Attle I came to see?

Body movement: 40 minute ride on the stationary bike
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