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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery

I've been trying to post a new podcast for about a week, but the podcast plug-in continues fubar. WordPress updates it about twice a day, so I assume attempted bug fixery is ongoing.

In the same vein, I owe a voting poll in the recent caption contest [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ], but the new (to me) WordPress poll plug-in is defeating me thus far.

Apparently my blogging fu has become disfungshuinal.

In other news, various combinations of writing related program activities, editing tasks, life issues and day jobbery have kept me away from substantial new writing for a while. I aim to remedy that this afternoon after work by digging back into the novella "Chain of Stars." After that I have a short piece to write, then a collaborative piece to review.

Also, recently sold flash fiction "Golden Pepper" to Flash Fiction Online.

I continue to think deep thoughts about point of view in fiction. It's become quite apparent to me that POV is far more subtle and nuanced than I've ever before understood. This thought process will hopefully disgorge a detailed process-oriented blog post one of these days. But since I'm thinking about it, what sorts of questions and concepts would you like to see covered in a discussion of point of view?

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