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[personal] A grand evening out

This afternoon was writing at the Fireside (over 3,000 words on "Chain of Stars" plus some solid editing time for calendula_witch), then we had a birthday dinner for thirdworld, organized by agrathea. In attendance were karindira, kzmiller, cscole, H—, Mrs. H—, new-to-the-group K—, and myself. We dined at the Berlin Inn here in Portland, and had an absolutely marvelous time. It's been a while since I've been to a dinner party like that.

agrathea showered thirdworld with some very thoughtful and entertaining (to the rest of us) gifts. The meal was magnificent. The desserts were phenomenal, though I abstained. cscole delivered a hilarious toast. Now I'm up too late, too full of rich food, and in a wonderful mood.

Photos tomorrow when I have more time. For now, happy birthday to thirdworld. As well as kenscholes, of course.

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