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[links] Link salad makes a high, lonesome sound

New Nebula Award rules — In case you missed them.

Possibly the world's most awesome calendar — :: wants :: (Snurched from danjite.)

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard — But where's the clickie? (Thanks to lt260.)

It's the anniversary of the great molasses flood — Which sounds a lot funnier than it really was.

Our world may be a giant hologram — This would explain a lot. And, um, wow.

The 'Why' of Interstellar Flight — More interesting stuff from Centauri Dreams.

W.'s Twilight: A Man of Feeble Temper — Juan Cole takes his snark out for a long walk. Mine yips along happily. We really do get the leadership we deserve, I suppose. Which makes Bush's ascendancy a very sad comment indeed on the state of the Republic.

Forgive and Forget? — Paul Krugman on the need for accountability of Bush administration abuses. At the Justice Department, for example, political appointees illegally reserved nonpolitical positions for "right-thinking Americans" their term, not mine and there's strong evidence that officials used their positions both to undermine the protection of minority voting rights and to persecute Democratic politicians. Are you proud of your Republican party?

And speaking of abuses, Slate on Susan Crawford's admission that the Bush administration uses torture — The Bushies failed in this, too, even on their own terms.

?otD: Do you feel like the king of the hill?

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