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[personal|writing] Updatery and the day that was

Had a nice lunch with the delightful camillealexa today, which she documented. After work ended I dipped into "Chain of Stars" again, which I finished with a 4,000 word push [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. Go me!

Going to read tonight. Haven't given up on Melville, but he's tough sledding and I can't read him recreationally. Certain Persons have started a Gene Wolfe reading group online, so I'm going to begin re-reading Shadow of the Torturer [ Amazon ], which I happen to consider probably the finest piece of genre fiction ever written. That's hardly a loss to read by any standard.

I'd planned to walk tomorrow, but it looks like more freezing fog, or at least more freezing, so I'm going to stay indoors on the bike. Then some housecleaning, then a day of writing. I owe a short story Real Soon Now, have to do some more work on Footprints editing, would like to cut a sample chapter for a proposed collaborative diplomatic thriller co-written with my dad (the retired U.S. ambassador), then evaluate another collaborate project for which I have been sent copious notes.

Then it's the birthday dinner for the mighty kenscholes tomorrow night.

Sunday? More writing!

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