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[links] Link salad takes that midnight train to Georgia

"Astronautical", a painting inspired in part by Mainspring — (Thanks to the artist.)

Fictional antedating of the marthamblesLanguage Log takes on Patrick O'Brian.

APOD with a photo of Hyperion, one of the moons of Saturn — It looks like a giant piece of coral to me. Very cool stuff.

Bendy gadget future for graphene — Mmm. Materials science. (Thanks to lt260.)

Pro-abortion donuts — Nice to see that the quality of thinking on the American Right continues to be absymally ludicrous.

?otD: What did Delaware?

Body movement: n/a - will be exercising later today
This morning's weigh-in: 226.0 (! Which is just weird)
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe

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