Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Some mornings just don't start right, thanks to Greg van Eekhout

Woke up a tad early from a discomforted sleep, having dreamt that gregvaneekhout was threatening to kick seven kinds of shit out of me with his Mighty Kung Fu Powers™. He was demonstrating this threat by bashing down a door with his feet, while in the background someone else was crying about how Greg was ruining his shoes.

Got up, mused on that for a moment, then got dressed and headed for the gym next door. Along the walkway between hotel and gym, I slipped on an ice patch and took a fall. Nothing seriously damaged, but lying on the icy concrete in twenty degree weather clutching my right knee had not been among my morning plans.

Van Eekhout, je t'accuse.

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Tags: funny, omaha, personal

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