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[links] Link salad wishes it was a fisherman, tumbling on the seas

Science fiction: the genre that dare not speak its nameThe Guardian discovers our shame. It's like I always say, millions of people who won't touch that science fiction trash read that nice Mr. Crichton's book about cloned dinosaurs.

SF Signal Mind Meld with Shrewd Writing Advice

Found in Translation: How a Thirteenth-Century Islamic Poet Conquered AmericaThe best-selling poet in America today was born in Afghanistan, practiced a form of Islam that originated in Iraq, and has been dead for 800 years. (Thanks to Bill M.)

Weather sizzles on a planet that kisses its star — Exoplanetary weather, anyone?

More on the remote-controlled beetle — From a slightly more reliable source.

For GOP, a Case of Misshapen Identity — Gosh, destroy the economy, sharply degrade our international diplomatic and military power, corrupt the Constitution, run up the highest deficits in history. GOP, think you might have lost your way just a little? Oh, look! Over there! Liberals!

?otD: What is a hurtling fever train, anyway?

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