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[writing] Progris riport, day 10, The Heart of the Beast

Slightly over two hours' work, again with no net wordcount gain. More work on the handwritten notes (though I am almost done).

The next step, commencing tomorrow, will be to fold the notes, which run to thirty or so pages in a text file, into the outline at the appropriate points. That will be a complex and novel challenge for me. Should be a lot of fun, too.

Writing time was a bit tough today because I spent the morning doing housework and home maintenance, with an assist from tillyjane and the_child That both took a lot of time and wore me out. A bit from now I'm off to thirdworld's birthday party, which pretty much wipes out the evening writing time.

Likewise tomorrow, due to taking the_child to Chinese New Year festivities with various portions of the extended family. Still, I'll find my two hours at least.

No WIP again, since there were no new words to speak of today.

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