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[personal] Little bit of this, little bit of that

Busy weekend. As previously mentioned, I spent six and a half hours doing work around the house yesterday — cleaning, but also things like hanging miniblinds. Then I put a couple of hours into The Heart of the Beast before I went out last last night to thirdworld's birthday party, along with camillealexa. A good time was had by all, but I was up freaky late by my standards.

A combination of late hours and hard work had me oversleep my usual hour of rising by four and half hours (!), so this morning was a rush to get out in time for the Chinese New Year festivities down at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. It was very cold, annoyingly so, but fun nonetheless. We followed up with a nice Chinese lunch at the Republic Cafe.

Since then I've been working on Beast again, doing some fairly extensive writing related program activities, and now watching a couple more episodes of Battlestar Galactica season 4.0.

How was your weekend?

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