Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[politics] I'd call it disillusionment, but I was already cynical before

Geithner and his little tax problem. Daschle and his slightly larger tax problem. Killefer and her very stupid tax problem..

Come on Democrats, you guys are supposed to be better than Republicans. I don't have, as the_flea_king once put it, a hate-on for conservatives. I have a hate-on for hypocrites. Hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and sheer old fashion self-delusion have been the stock in trade of the GOP all my adult life. (I came of age, politically, during the Moral Majority's ascendancy, and watched Ronald Reagan run up the then-largest deficits in history while claiming the mantle of fiscal responsibility. 'nuff said there.)

Apparently my quite tepid faith in the Democrats is being repaid with destructive silliness in the vein of the entitlements of wealth. "Only little people pay taxes" seems to apply to the party which is not my party of choice, but my party of default. You don't match greed with greed, and you don't match hypocrisy with hypocrisy.

Confidential to Democrats in America: We didn't throw the bums out just for the sake of having a new set of bums.

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